Velvet Model Camp 2018

Velvet Model Camp is a training camp for new models of Velvet Management, that takes place in Yekaterinburg once a year. It  brings together our models from many cities of Russia as well as from some other neighbouring respublics. In just 3 days, it provides a very intense course, considering all important aspects of model's life. For example, it includes lectures and practical activities in styling one's own looks for castings (with some encouraging to streetstyle experiments), theoretical and practical activities with qualified psychologysts, lectures on nutritionology, makeup and skincare basics, Q&A session with an experienced editorial photographer etc. All activities are provided by best avaliable experts in their fields. 

This training experience is followed by numerous test shootings, so models are capable to utilize some of their new skills right away. Velvet Model Camp is avaliable only for Velvet Management models and completely for free, being paid entirely from agency budgets . It is possible only because of our firm beleif that this experience helps our models to work a lot more effectively and to have better careers.

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