Velvet Management agency has been opened in March 2014. Owner and director of Velvet Management, Yulia Temporiti, already had more than 10 years experience in the business at the time. Starting as a fashion model, she then became a photographer and model scout and, finally, decided to open a modeling agency.
The main goal of Velvet Management as a mother agency is to have the best choice of models and to provide individual management for models and individual service for business partners.
VELVET MANAGEMENT is a new concept in the industry of fashion management. The high professionalism of the team, derived from years of experience, in harmony with passion for our work and attention to details. Quality, not quantity, is the leitmotif of our daily work.


Yulia Temporiti
Owner, managing, scouting & placing director.
Yana Galtseva
Regional Manager
Regional manager, working with local clients. Searching for new faces.
Daria Makedonskaya
Taking snapshots, digitals and test pictures. Searching for new faces. 


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